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Congratulations on your new addition!

After the baby showers, the visits from loved ones near and far, and those first moments at home…reality begins to set in!                    702-907-NEST                    Monday-Friday 8am-8pm     


Why is she crying? I am exhausted! Is he getting enough? I have not had a shower in two days! Why am I feeling this way? A Happy Nest offers physical support to an after given-birth healing mother, and emotional support for all of the feelings, emotions, and hormones for mom postpartum. We also provide up-to-date information and education on the realities of postpartum period and your baby. A Happy Nest’s postpartum doulas will support your family throughout the first year postpartum. We nurture the family, while providing the comfort and rest that a family often seeks when home with a new baby. Think of us as your personalized “how-to” postpartum guide!

Our Mission Statement:

A Happy Nest provides professional postpartum support and education to families in Southern Nevada. We are devoted to giving families the aid and tools they need for a personalized peaceful postpartum. We value the families we serve, and maintain a relationship that leads parents to remain confident; to ask, to implement, and grow!


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