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Nesting 101

Sunday, June 25th

Birds aren’t the only moms who nest to prepare for a new baby.

Most if not all mammals nest in preparation for their young, getting their living space comfy and ready to bring home their baby. Women nest in different ways and it’s actually an important part of the childbirth process.

If you or your loved one is expecting, helping their nesting behavior can allow them to feel more comfortable as they await birth, more prepared to begin their postpartum period and supported through the process.

Why do women nest?

Professionals recommend strategic nesting to women who have experienced trauma, infant loss, surrogate parents and adoptive parents as a comfort and support mechanisms. Nesting can be organizing and decorating a nursery or even thoroughly cleaning a home. No matter how the mother is choosing to nest, it’s a therapeutic and natural process that should be encouraged.

Nesting can be helpful for mothers who have experienced miscarriages or infant loss as it helps them grieve from their earlier pregnancy in a healthy way and uplift them to feel confident as they welcome another baby.

Aside from being therapeutic, nesting just feels good. 

You nest when you settle into a new home or apartment and nest when you get comfortable at work. The physical act of nesting is a manifestation of a person becoming comfortable with a major milestone or new environment.

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How can you facilitate the nesting process?

It’s an old wive’s tale that if women begin to nest more often, labor isn’t far away. If you’re the mom to be, asking for help is important to make sure you’re staying safe around household cleaners, paints, adhesives and ladders. If you know a nesting mom, try offering their help or make suggestions, encouraging nesting habits and being open to talking about ways that the mother can feel more comfortable and prepared to welcome baby.

Sometimes even fathers will nest! It’s good for parents to team up and nest together, starting their bond with baby and helping establish a strong support system for birth in each other.

If you’re nesting, make it a happy nest.

Your doula can also offer tips and tricks for nesting moms or parents looking to get their home and nurseries organized and ready to go. Since nesting continues beyond bringing home baby, a postpartum doula can be a great resource for parents looking to stay organized and maintain a safe, comfortable space for their new baby.

Diaper fan

Interview with Las Vegas Diaper Bank Founder Carlye Davis

Sunday, June 25th
This May, A Happy Nest is hosting a 5k/1Mile Family Fun Run and Diaper Drive to benefit babies and families here in the Las Vegas Valley. 
Recently we spoke with the founder of our No Child Wet Behind beneficiary, Carlye Davis, about Las Vegas Diaper Bank and all that it has done for families in Las Vegas and how the community can continue to contribute to such a wonderful organization!
For race information, registration, sponsorship & vendor opportunities, volunteering, and vendor spots,
Please contact us at:
info@ahappynest.net  or  702-907-NEST
To Register/Donate/Fundraise: NCWB Las Vegas


Carlye M Davis


AHN: When was Las Vegas Diaper Bank founded?

CARLYE: Las Vegas Diaper Bank held it’s first “Operation Dry Bottoms” Diaper Drive in 2015, and recognize 2015 as their founding year.


AHN: Why was Las Vegas Diaper Bank started?

CARLYE: The thought of a parent not having the means to purchase the most basic need of diapers for their babies and these babies having to suffer in a wet, soiled diaper for an extended length of time (because mom is trying to make the few diapers that she does have, last until she finds a way to get more) is heart wrenching.

Most of the families the LVDB helps are in an unexpected situation in their lives. Faced with the loss their job, a divorce, the death of a loved one and even grandmothers that have custody while the children’s parent is in drug rehab or prison.

I have seen time and time again where the help that these families receive at the Las Vegas Diaper Bank, brings hope into a hopeless situation.


AHN: How many families has the Las Vegas Diaper Bank helped since opening its doors?

CARLYE: Our first year in operation, Las Vegas Diaper Bank has had the pleasure of helping 533 babies with diapers and wipes!!!


AHN: What is the greatest need for the diaper bank?

CARLYE: Diapers and wipes!!! We are in most need of the larger sized diapers (size 4, size 5 and size 6)

Monetary donations are always welcomed. When LVDB receives a cash donation, it enables us to purchase the right size diapers that we are in most need of at that time. Also, the LVDB is enrolled in the Community Diaper Program through Jet.com. So for every dollar that is donated to us, enables us to purchase 3 times the amount of diapers than the average individual can buy at a retail store or even the big warehouse stores. Cash is good!

We need volunteers! Willing and helping hands are always needed around the Diaper Bank!


AHN: How are diapers distributed?

CARLYE: Diaper Distribution Day is held every Monday from 10:00AM – 6:00PM (by appointment only) at the LVDB Office located at 928 E. Sahara, Las Vegas.


AHN: Who qualifies for diapers?

CARLYE: Last year (2016) …88% of the families that received help from the LVDB had incomes below poverty level and the other 12% qualified as low income.


AHN: Where can we the community give or send their donations?

CARLYE: Monetary donations can be made by clicking the “donate button” on our website www.lasvegasdiaperbank.org and/or the same button on our Facebook page.

Checks can be mailed to…

Las Vegas Diaper Bank

PO Box 231321

Las Vegas NV 89105  

Diapers and packages of wipes can be dropped off at the Las Vegas Diaper Bank office on Mondays, with a call notification at 702-462-1718 Our office hours are somewhat flexible.


AHN: Do you accept other items? (Gently used clothes, shoes, food, etc.)

CARLYE: We are a “diaper bank”, that is our specialty…diapers and wipes!

If you have these other items to donate, we can absolutely put you in touch with other organizations that would be able to take your items.


AHN: What are your monetary/diaper goals for 2017? How many families would that help?2015-12-08 19.05.25 (1)

CARLYE: Our goal for 2017 is to collect 60,000 diapers!!! That’s enough diapers to help approximately 1800 babies!


AHN: How can others get involved? What can the community do to help?

CARLYE: YOUR SUPPORT MATTERS!!!  Please help make an impact right here in Las Vegas. Consider helping financially, hosting a diaper drive or through various volunteer opportunities!

Small boy on a sofa

No Child Wet Behind

Sunday, June 25th

Diaper need is a realistic social problem,

affecting 1 in 3 families across the United States.

Over five million children under the age of three are living in low income families that are unable to provide resources like clean disposable diapers for their babies. Without access to a supply of diapers, infants are at risk for illness, infection and substandard hygiene. Majority of social service programs do not include the distribution of diapers.

Baby bottoms pic

Diaper need is holding families back.

One in three families are in need of diaper assistance. 

No Child Wet Behind is a national 501c3 organization that has provided thousands of diapers to families across the country through fundraising events and collections, slowly turning these statistics around.

This May….

A Happy Nest is proud to partner with NCWB to host a 5k and 1 Mile Fun Run on May 6th at Kellogg Zaher Park to benefit our own Las Vegas Diaper Bank! With the donations of diapers and monetary contributions, Las Vegas Diaper Bank will be able to assist more families than ever before, as all of the collected diapers, wipes, and proceeds go right back into our community.


A Happy Nest Wants Your Help!

Enjoy running?…We Want YOU!

Need volunteer hours?…We Want YOU!

Would you like to provide sponsorship?…We Want YOU!

Want to be a vendor?…We Want YOU!

Can’t participate in the race, but want to help?…We Want YOU!

Las Vegas Diaper Bank was founded in 2015 by Carlye Davis, and has since supported over 500 families with diapers and wipes!

We’re excited to team up with the community to help those in the Las Vegas Valley that desperately need our help. Let’s help support Las Vegas Diaper Bank change the lives of babies in our community one tushie at a time!

Please contact us at 702-907-NEST or check out our Facebook page (A Happy Nest) for more information about Las Vegas Diaper Bank and No Child Wet Behind!


ABC Expo

Sunday, June 25th

One of the most amazing aspects of being a professional in the childbirth industry is to experience the innovations and technology that advances each year in childbirth and baby products.

It is always fascinating to discover the “next big idea” in products that are designed to make the experience of new families easier and more efficient. We’re always looking for products that will make parents’ lives easier and items that are safer to use on our precious littles.

We had the opportunity to visit the ABC Expo, to network with some of these amazing baby care companies and test out the incredible products they have introduced for 2016 and soon to be launched products for 2017.

Some of these manufacturers surprised us with their attention to detail and immaculate production that they are new brands, some less than a year old!

Here are some of our favorite brands that really stood out in quality, environmental consciousness and ease of use that we encourage families to investigate and test for themselves when their new baby arrives.



This brand has an impressive fleet of products for breastfeeding mothers, for every breastfeeding goal. We always love discovering natural products that are safer options for mother and baby, especially when it comes to feeding. We absolutely loved their breast pads that are super dependable for leaks, contoured to provide the best absorption possible and they even give your ladies a lift. They are fantastic. These pads are our favorite second to the breast milk saving system that collects leaking breast milk safely and can be easily distributed into storage bags or containers. They also have salves, supplements and 100% bamboo washcloths to bring all natural products into your arsenal of innovative baby product go-to’s.


Baba Bandz


Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages. Baba Bandz are stretchy bands that wrap around your baby’s bottle with an indicator clip that clearly marks the time the bottle was prepared. This takes the guesswork out of remembering which partially used bottles are safe to drink and don’t exceed their recommended storage time.

Oogie Bear


Babies are booger creating machines and the folks at Oogie Bear set out to find a safer way to clean your baby. This little booger scooper is a safer way to clean the nose and ears of your baby without dangerous suction, saline or aspirators. Plus it’s the cutest little thing.

Sili Kids


These are so cool! Sili Kids is a company that provides silicone feeding products for small toddlers to acclimate to self feeding. They have created Sili Skins that transform any glass or cup into a sippy cup. Never forget the sippy cup at home again or have to use kids cups with straws in restaurants. We love safe, portable and clean products for messy toddlers that will give parents some useful diaper bag backup.

Sakura Bloom


Sakura Bloom makes stunning ring sling baby carriers with beautiful fabrics that moms will actually love being wrapped in. These slings are strong, durable and safe for babies of a wide range of sizes, weights and ages.



We are always looking for innovations in sustainable baby products and Poof Diapers definitely meets our criteria. These diapers are biodegradable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and completely adorable. These little diapers feature designer patterns, super soft feel and free of all dangerous materials that can irritate skin. The best part is these diapers will not end up in a landfill, they break down 100% naturally.

Rachel’s Remedy


These are a huge relief to mothers experiencing breastfeeding related pain and discomfort. These little compact breast pads offer moist relief that can be used hot or cold and fit discreetly in your purse for moms on the go.

4Babies World


This formula mixing pitcher  and mixing aids allow parents to mix up to four servings of formula at once, always with no lumps. The lid locks tight in place eliminating spills and it can be easily distributed into bottles with no mess.



This line of pacifier buddies is a super cute way to avoid losing your child’s pacifier and giving them an easier and more comfortable grip. They are essentially a stuffed animal that can be attached to any size teether or pacifier.

Bean B Clean


This nifty little brush is the solution to uncomfortable and unsightly cradle cap that often affects the tiny scalps of babies. The bristles gently massage away build up and flakes on the scalp without irritation.

This was an exciting event to visit and we are looking forward to what products and baby supplies these innovative companies will release for 2017.

Jessica's basket

A Summer With Our Au Pair

Sunday, June 25th



Child care. Child care can be the single most stressful, thing to tackle for a working parent. It’s not easy to find someone you can trust to care for your children for hours on end. It’s even more difficult to find a solution that lines up with your budget. Does less money mean less  quality of care?

After paying insane amounts to have my children in part time care at a licensed facility, I knew that I needed to find another alternative once summer came. I began looking for solutions. A Happy Nest re-branded and business was picking up. As the spouse of a serviceman, there are months where I even put on my solo parenting hat.

I knew I needed help.

This started my search into alternative child care, and more specifically, au pairs. I wanted to find out the cost comparison, and  what they had to bring to the table for my family. With many au pair agencies out there, where was I to look first?! Cultural Care Au Pair’s name had been mentioned a few times amongst my doula peers.

So I started there.IMG_4019

What felt like looking at a dating site soon became overwhelming and I retreated after filling out all of the questionnaires. Two months passed, business continued to pick up and I HAD to jump all in. I finished our preferences, made our family handbook, paid the fees, and then I waited. I waited for that “ah-ha” pick. I picked au pairs, au pairs were suggest to me, and au pairs selected me. BUT they weren’t our matches. Some felt that 4 children were just too much for them. I felt that some wouldn’t jive with our family’s dynamic. Others didn’t quite make the cut. Frustration emerged. The school year was ending and my work load was maxed.

I needed someone like yesterday, and yet I hadn’t found my

“perfect match”.

You see, an au pair resides in your home. They eat meals with you. They entertain and care for your children. They look after them. They can take vacations with you. Au pairs also come to learn the American culture and ways of the American life. They are a part of your family.

Therefore finding that perfect match is more than important,

it is crucial.

Memorial Day weekend brought on our au pair Jessica. She arrived in America, from France in October 2015 and was being re-matched. (Cultural Care provides letters from both the Host family and the AP on why a re-match is being placed) After Skype calls and multiple emails back and forth, I knew Jessica was “the one”, and

Jessica was on her way to Las Vegas, Nevada!

I picked her up fresh faced on a Tuesday night and drove her through our city’s masterpiece, the Las Vegas Strip! Her eyes were wide. A big grin plastered on her face. The questions came like a flood gate:

IMG_3935Is it always like this? (Yes, and this was only a Tuesday!)

What are these buildings? (Casinos!),

What time does it close? (NEVER!)

Jessica was unaware of the “awe” that is Las Vegas, and thus it was only right to induct her with In-N-Out!

This summer we swam, went to the movies, and took trips to museums and the waterpark. She taught my kids French, my kids taught her English. We got to celebrate her birthday, and show her how much we love birthday’s in our family.  Jessica has endured her first taco, her first buffet, her first zipline and Strip experience. We’ve asked her to make a list of all the experiences and foods she would like to try while she’s in our lives. (S’mores are on the top of that list!) My kids had a fun-filled supervised summer, I was able to work without worry of child care, and I gained a friend. The school year will bring on a deployment and more activities; and Jessica will continue to be a godsend. With sports, Girl Scouts, work, school functions, holidays, and all the chaos that the typical school year brings for my family, I’m so blessed to have someone reliable, loving, and dedicated to watch over for my children.

Summer has come to a close and Jessica has been in our lives for 3 months now. My littlest is her best friend, my middles keep her entertained, and my oldest has a big sister. Being a stay at home mom for the past 10 years has taught me a lot about parenting and myself. Yes, I can be Wonder Woman, but even Wonder Woman needed the help of a lasso, her bracelets of submission, and her throwing tiara from time to time. Having assistance is vital to my journey in accomplishing my goals. My business has continued to thrive and I am able to provide adequate postpartum doula support to families all across the Vegas Valley because…

child care is no longer our hindrance.


To learn more about the au pair experience, you can visit

Cultural Care Au Pair www.culturalcare.com

Au Pairs in America www.aupairinamerica.com

Au Pair Care www.aupaircare.com