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IMG_7367I have only heard of labor doulas, what IS a postpartum doula?

A Happy Nest postpartum doula is a friend, a confidant, a professional. She is knowledgeable of up-to-date in information regarding postpartum and newborn care. She assists in everyday household tasks and provides a non-judgmental attentive listening ear. She educates, answers, and provides resources for the family.


So…you are like a baby nurse/nanny?

Not at all. A postpartum doula’s main focus is on mom. Mothers have a natural ability to care and provide for her child. A postpartum doula instills the confidence and reassurance for mom, all while providing her with rest, relaxation, and recovery.

Okay, but doesn’t postpartum mean depression?

The definition of postpartum is “after birth”. Therefore EVERY woman that gives birth goes through a postpartum period. Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression are signs that more is going on with mom mentally and emotionally than what normal postpartum realm. Having support, such as a postpartum doula, in those first weeks after birth allows mother to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally without feeling criticized by her decisions and wishes regarding herself or baby.

I see. Well, I’ll have family coming to help, so I wouldn’t need a postpartum doula rIMG_7093ight?

While having family coming in to assist during your postpartum is welcoming, many times our loved ones gravitate towards itty bitty new baby and mother is often left entertaining, providing meals, and stressing over the condition of the home.

I’m concerned about breastfeeding. Can a postpartum doula assist me?

YES! A Happy Nest is certified in lactation counseling and education. We will assist you every step of the way. We also provide resources and referrals for lactation consultants.

My partner will have time off. He should be able to handle all of this.

Your partner will also be adjusting to the new family dynamic. A Happy Nest allows partners to ease into their new role while having the reassurance that you are getting the rest and care that you so need. A postpartum doula educates, eases, and answers their questions and concerns as well.

But this isn’t my first child. What’s the benefits of a postpartum doula for me?

Siblings! A Happy Nest will give big brother/big sister interaction. We give them attention and time to help make them feel just as important as their new sibling. While mom relaxes, we can read to, watch over, and entertain the siblings.

Wow. No judgement, I am your priority, AND you are a professional! You must be expensive?

Our prices reflect the quality of service we provide. We have packages and options to suit our clients needs.  Whether you prefer a package of support or a few days of assistance, A Happy Nest fits your needs and pocketbook.

Awesome! When can you start?

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation or to set up our first day with you.