Client Testimonials


1932233_853341278025175_1554341466_n“A Happy Nest was exactly what our little family needed during such an important time. We moved to Las Vegas two weeks before our baby arrived and didn’t have any friends or family in the area. My husband was starting a new job right away and I couldn’t imagine being home alone in those first few days during recovery without some support. Aisha was such a blessing to our family. As a first time mom in a new town, all alone she was a breath of fresh air and helped our family in so many ways. From baby cuddles and mommy naps to breast feeding support and tidying up, our family had everything we needed to just breathe and enjoy those first few days. We still live in Vegas and are expecting our second baby and knowing that Aisha and A Happy Nest is there if we need them really takes a big weight off our shoulders.” Loni K.

Wooldridge family“I was totally overwhelmed as a first-time-mom new to Las Vegas, when I brought my newborn baby home five weeks early. On my midwife’s referral I contacted Aisha at A Happy Nest. They came right away. I think I had them for eight days total. Most importantly they put me at ease. They educated me in baby wearing and cloth diapering while they held or wore Isabella while she peacefully slept. They also gave me many tips to a help Isabella successfully breastfeed. A Happy Nest prepared a healthy organic vegetarian dinner and gave me a comprehensive list of resources. After their time with my family had ended, they were always available by phone to answer any questions and provide help. I am planning on having one more baby and I will definitely treat myself to A Happy Nest next time. Definitely recommend! I don’t know what I would have done without [them].”

– Julia W.

IMG_1585Despite ample preparation prior to the birth of our daughter, we didn’t know what hit us after she arrived. She had acid reflux from the start and could not sleep on a flat surface for the first 3 months of her life…if she slept at all. My mother in law came to help us for two weeks, but couldn’t stay any longer than that. She wanted to help more, but since she wasn’t able to stay longer with us, she gifted us several visits from “A Happy Nest” I had heard of labor doulas, which we had during my labor, but didn’t know much about postpartum doulas. Mama bird Aisha came over to my house and introduced herself to my mother in law and me. She explained to us the value of a postpartum doula and how she supports a new mom after the birth. Not only is Aisha credentialed as a certified postpartum doula through Childbirth International (CBI), but I was also very impressed with how professional and well organized Aisha was and continued to be during my entire experience with her. She outlined her services to us, then we setup a date for a first visit. During those first few weeks after you have a baby, finding time to sleep, eat, and bathe are at a premium. As I keep kosher, Aisha stopped by to pick up lunch for me from my favorite restaurant. She looked after my daughter while I was able to both shower and take a nap in the same day (amazing!). When I woke up, she had also done some light cleaning in the house. I was beside myself, but felt like Aisha was a god-send. Aisha came over to help many more times after that initial visit and I only wish it hadn’t taken so long for me to find her in the first place.

–Karen M.