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Our Philosophy:

A Happy Nest believes in the power of motherhood and the support of sisterhood. We encourage parents to listen to their natural, nurturer instincts. A Happy Nest educates from all things baby to the wonders of parenthood. We provide support for all families structures, without judgement or bias. Inspiring parents to acknowledge that they are enough and that YES! They can!


Soon after your baby is born, family and friends come to visit. While this can be wonderful, it can also be overwhelming.

Our loved ones want to visit so that they can cuddle the baby, take a few photos, and wonder what you have available to snack on. What new parents desire is someone to stay for a few hours, tidy up the house, run laundry, prepare a meal or two, attend to the baby so that they can take a shower, and have an uninterrupted nap. They desire help with feeding, whether breast or bottle, and an unbiased, non-judgmental attentive ear. That’s where a postpartum doula comes in!

A doula (Greek for “a woman that serves”) understands your needs and wishes. A postpartum doula identifies the look of “please help me” without saying a word and without overstepping your personal boundaries. A postpartum doula brings the comfort of a caring friend and the knowledge of a “how-to” guide. Your postpartum doula should have the skills and professionalism to provide you with the support and resources you expect.

At A Happy Nest, we spend the time talking with you and checking in often, making sure you are processing well. We address any concerns you might have about yourself or your baby, and your body. We personalize our services to you, your family and to your immediate needs. Allow A Happy Nest to guide you through your postpartum journey. At A Happy Nest, our postpartum doulas:


  • Assist with in-home postpartum care for mother and baby
  • Provide bottle feeding and breastfeeding education and support
  • Are helping hands with day-to-day household tasks, errands, and meal preparations
  • Provide non-judgmental support for your family’s parenting goals and decisions
  • Teach newborn basics, essentials, and sibling adjustments
  • Able to educate in: baby wearing, cloth diapering, car seats, baby sign language and more!